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May 162004

PearPC 0.1 released!

040516.gifPearPC for win32

PearPC 0.1 released!
Submitted by Seppel on May 10, 2004 - 1:00.
This is the first official release of PearPC. Please note that this is an experimental program not meant for productive use. There are still unimplemented instructions, mysterious bugs and missing features. Don't use it on important data, it WILL destroy them sooner or later! However if you are brave enough to try it out fetch one of the builds or the source. Don't forget to read the documentation, it will save you hours of frustration! And please don't whine if it doesn't work for you but fix the bugs.


これにくわえて5/14にリリースされたMicrosoft Virtual PC 2004を組み合わせれば早い話が全てのデバッグ環境がXP一台で用意できる。これはすばらしいかも。


PearPC 0.1.1
Submitted by Seppel on May 14, 2004 - 15:06, GMT +0200.
Here comes the first small update for PearPC. Changes include:

(Win32) fixed: '=' key wasn't mapped
fixed: "JITC Error: cannot read page-table"
fixes for older BootX (for Mac OS X 10.0 and 10.1)
FPU: fixed fmaddx and friends (That means your Finder will no longer crash-loop)
gcard: 1024x768x32 mode wasn't useable
io registers weren't zero extended on byte or half accesses (aka "[IO/IDE] command 'ffffffa1' not impl")
compiles now also with gcc 2.95
boots debian for PowerPC


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