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Nov 082011

facebook album周りのメモ

Album - Facebook Developers

https://graph.facebook.com/USER_ID/photos - The photo will be published to an album created for your app. We automatically create an album for your app if it does not already exist. All photos uploaded this way will then be added to this same album.

User - Facebook Developers*create系は実はこちら

Uploading photos and creating albums - Facebook Help Center

How many photos can I upload?
You can upload 200 photos per album and create as many albums as you want.

You can upload 100 photos into the Mobile Uploads album. If you add more than 100, a second album is automatically created.
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How do I upload high resolution photos? For better quality photos, check the High Res box when you create an album. Anyone you make your high resolution photos visible to will also be able to download them by clicking Download High Res.
I don't see an "Add Photos" button in my album. Can I add photos to it? There are a couple of reasons why you might not see this option: There's a 200 photo limit in photo albums.

The Add More Photos option disappears from an album when you reach the 200 photo limit. You can create a new album or move photos from one album to another to make space for new photos.

Some albums have a different method for adding photos.

Certain types of photo albums are created automatically. You won't see the Add Photos button when you're viewing these albums:

Mobile Uploads: This album is made up of all the mobile uploads you've added. To add to the album, upload a photo from your mobile device.

Profile Pictures: This album is made up of all the profile pictures you've added. To add to the album, change your profile picture.

Wall Photos: This album is made up of all the photos you've added to your Wall (timeline). To add to the album, click Add Photo/Video at the top of your home page or profile (timeline). Pick the Upload Photo/Video option, then select an image from your computer and share. The photo will appear on your profile and in News Feed and will be saved in your Wall Photos album.

Cover Photos: This album is made up of all the cover photos you've added. To add to this album, change your cover photo.

album - Facebook Developers*An album of photos or videos as represented in FQL.

photos.upload - Facebook Developers* Legacy REST API

How-To: Use the Graph API to Upload Photos to a user’s profile - Facebook Developers

Uploads a photo owned by the specified user or the current session user and returns the new photo. See photo uploads for a description of the upload workflow. The only storable values returned from this call are pid, aid, and owner. All applications can upload photos with a "pending" state, which means that the photos must be approved by the user before they are visible on the site. Photos uploaded by applications with the publish_stream extended permission are visible immediately.

If no album is specified, the photo is uploaded to a default album for the application, which can be created if necessary. Regular albums have a size limit of 200 photos. Default application albums have a size limit of 1000 photos.


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