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Mar 312013


イノサン - 週刊ヤングジャンプ公式サイト
This is a new toon article written by Shinichi Sakamoto author of "孤高の人".
This work is delicate, beautiful and sensual, and call forth "The martyred St. Sabastianus" in my mind.
This figure is usually described first gay icon in history.
In "Buddhist" Japan, it is known well as sexual icon from "仮面の告白" written by Yukio Mishima.
I think it contains not only Guy, but also BDSM. (Banding and Suffering)

Ref:聖セバスチャン殉教図絵 (仮面の告白 その1) - 空閨残夢録 - Yahoo!ブログ

聖セバスチャン - Google 検索

...I do not know Sakamoto inserts these into...

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