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Apr 282013

I wanna kill snakes around outlet

Will this drive snakes from my tables..?

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First Kick off

FC Tokyo vs Kawasaki Frontale.
This is the first watching football game for my son.
At first, my son appeared to be quite overwhelmed by the huge number fans, but at last he relaxed and enjoyed. We will come again.!

By being overwhelmed, my son looked away...

Movable type 3.33 is dead!!!


Apr 272013

The Ninja authoring tool is dead?

Three new open-source software projects developed at Motorola Mobility hope to address the problem. We—Tim Statler, Zachary Cohen, and Kris Kowal—have had the pleasure of working on a new content creation tool called Ninja, a JavaScript development framework called Montage, and a testing automation tool called Screening. In this article, we will describe all three pieces of software, and we've included code examples to illustrate some of the functionality. But first—a high-level overview.
I have got it at Google Store about one years ago, but now it's vanished. this development was halted or sold??

Visual Communication services

Mural.ly - Google Docs for Visual People

Google Docs for visual people
The easiest way for creative teams to think, imagine and discuss their ideas.
* Handling is very smooth.
* Interface is cool.
* Library system is good (importing files and urls)
* Relation with Google Drive is really good.
* Export as image data (pro account only)
* Unfortunately not has freehand drawing.

RealtimeBoard | Online collaboration whiteboard

Discuss web-site or product interfaces with your team. Add visual materials and screenshots, mark-up, leave comments in mini-chats
* Handling is a little heavy.
* Interfaces is not cool a little
* but this has free handling tool (but not as bitmapdata)

Both of them has bussinness canvas, and I m really looking for such ones for brainstorming and build structures with other people in online.

Apr 212013

Start menu for windows8

Start Menu 8 - Windows 8にスタートメニューを追加 - IObit 日本公式サイト
Some apps were developed, but my best one is this in this instant.

Apr 172013

User Interface for Intuitive Touch-Based Operations

Enables innovative handling of data by directly touching actual objects

Kawasaki, Japan, April 3, 2013 — Fujitsu Laboratories Limited today announced the development of next-generation user interface technology that enables intuitive, fingertip operations. This new technology can accurately detect where the user's finger is and what it is touching, and uses off-the-shelf cameras and projectors. This eliminates the need for expensive equipment and overcomes imprecise tracking—issues posed by conventional technologies.


My first extension for chrome

Apr 162013

The annual transportation fatalities in Japan

4,411 (2012)

Apr 152013

Something urges us

Coooool contents!

Do Not Touch
Please do not touch the model...

There is no difference between humans and ants.

Prompt and refuse

One example of design.

Apr 112013

Hallo hallo hallo and good-bye

"Last Day Dream"
a man watches his life pass before him

Produced for the 42 Second Dream Film Festival
Beijing China 2009

Written and Directed by Chris Milk
Produced by Samantha Storr
Associate Producer Brad O'Connor
Music Chris Milk
Photography Chris Milk
Editor Livio Sanchez
Production Designer Matthew Holt
Wardrobe Stylist Lydia Paddon
Makeup & Wardrobe Molly Paddon
Production Assistance Jason Baum
Production Assistance Clint Caluory
Telecine Dave Hussey
Sound Design Eddie Kim

Shot entirely on Lensbaby Lenses and Canon 5D Mark II SLR Camera
The best way to finish the lifetime. it is common issue for all humanity.
We can't look back on own history by myself, but can create it and imagine before death. We could wake up to many kindnesses that have not noticed and be grateful to them just before we dies.
It looks not too bad to die, I think... What do U think?

Apr 082013

How to sync between Redmine and GitLab

GitLabとRedmineを連携させる #Redmine #gitlab - Qiita

In this time, we made a choice accessing with "deploy key".
I don't know setting details for server side...

Now, we could sync them and manage on Redmine integrally.
It seems as cool way to managing tasks and sources.

Apr 062013

How to make SSH key with SourceTree on Windows

  1. At first, clone repository on SSH. you will get a error message like below.2013-04-06_143535
  2. Select "Tools / Create or Import SSH key", then PuTTYgen dialog open.
  3. set parameters "SSH-2 RSA" and click "Generate".
  4. PuTTYgen start to Generate key.
    It tells"Please generate some randomness by moving the mouse over the blank area".
    If you don't do it, generate process doesn't progress. so move mouse on it.(I don't know the reason...)
  5. The key generated. and enter "key passphrese" (it's used to login SSH gateway), and save private Key and copy public key and save it.
  6. Select "Tools/Launch SSH Agent(Pagaent)", then input dialog for passphrese opened, so enter passphrese and OK.
  7. If you use it to connect Git service, visit service setting page and register it.

  8. Clone repository on SSH and now get no errors.

  9. That's done!

Belatedly start to study Git

Apr 052013

Setting file Mime-type on subversion for browser access

Sometime, you wanna check or preview some data from subversion directly.
but it couldn't show correctly, cause it's Mime-type defined "text" or "binary".

At times like that, you can change Mime-type on subversion.
below is example for Tortoise SVN for Windows.

  1. Select file you wanna change, and open context menu on file explorer.
  2. Access "Properties" in tortoise sub menu
  3. Properties dialog will open. 2013-04-05_102738
  4. Click "Edit", then Mime setting dialog will open.2013-04-05_102744
  5. Input Mime-type you wanna set and commit.
  6. That's done! good developing!

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